We are your premier partner for customized services of display and PCB products

We are located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. Our factory covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. We specialize in manufacturing different display products and PCB accessories, such as TFT LCD, segment LCD, character and graphic LCD, E-paper, serial control LCD, HDMI to mipi, SPI, lvds, eDP convert board, etc.

We are equipped with advanced automated manufacturing equipment, including automatic feeding machines, automatic COG equipment, automatic FOG equipment, automatic backlight assembly machines, etc. In addition, we also have rich experience in PCB and FPC design and can also provide products such as touch screens and control boards. Below are our different products.

TFT LCD. We have displays ranging from 0.9 inches to 110 inches, and a large number of mass-produced products are available for you to choose from.
segment LCD. A variety of LCD display modes for you to choose: STN mode, MVA mode, etc., can provide monochrome and color products
character LCD and graphic LCD. Character LCD and Graphic LCD are easy to drive, reliable in structure and widely used in various scenarios
OLED. OLED products do not have a backlight, so they will perform better in drop and vibration tests.
Touch screen and protective cover. We can provide capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen or even infrared touch screen and stylus, etc., according to your use and adjust to choose the best solution to achieve high performance and good appearance.
We have a professional R&D team responsible for the research, development, design, production and assembly of different display screens. We also focus on small batch manufacturing, mass production and rapid prototyping of display products, touch screens and driver boards.

Our engineers can provide customized solutions for different industries such as medical, automotive, electric power, electronics, new energy, and finance.

LCD module Process equipment

All module processes from cleaning to output are fully automatic to ensure the stability and quality of the products produced. COG’s pressing accuracy is X: ±0.15mm, Y: ±0.1mm, FOG’s pressing accuracy is X: ±0.15mm, Y: ±0.1mm, backlight assembly accuracy: ±0.05mm, high precision to ensure high performance and stability of products

Cooperate with the world’s first-class polarizer suppliers, provide polarizer design, cutting edge production services, automatic equipment, to ensure accuracy and quality. Polarizing plate cutting tolerance ≦0.1mm polarizing plate attachment tolerance ≦0.15mm

Working closely with leading FPC and PCB suppliers, our high performance equipment can meet the industry’s leading process capability, FPC process capability, up to 8 layers, PCB up to 14 layers

Commonly used touch screens are divided into four categories: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, ultrasonic touch screen, etc. Capacitive touch screen is the most widely used, we have rich experience to recommend the most suitable solution for you

touch panel production
HDMI, VGA to LVDS, TTL driver board interface

We have designed and mass-produced driver boards that convert MIPI, eDP, LVDS and RGB protocols to HDMI, and can add touch screen and other components as needed

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