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fast prototyping, high-quality manufacturing

Full processing

Provide complete TFT LCD manufacturing and customization services and produce high-performance displays according to your requirements.

Fast prototyping

Perfect service guarantees the fast output of your samples. After the design is confirmed, display samples can be produced within 10 days at the earliest.

Quality Guarantee

All of our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO 9000 certifications, perfect quality management system and experienced engineers to ensure the stable quality of LCD screens.

Professional TFT LCD factory in China

We are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and instruments. We have high quality bonding equipment, automatic assembly equipment and other tools that are essential for display manufacturing.

Display industry experience

With 10 years of experience in the display industry, we can ensure that your project is carried out in a timely and efficient manner

Fully automated equipment

The entire automated production line, highly automated to ensure the stability and accuracy of the product quality provided to you.

Optimal configuration

Our experienced engineers design to ensure the most cost-efficient solution to meet your needs

are you already have an idea or drawing ?

Whether you already have a design or just an idea in your head, our engineers with ten years of professional experience can help you bring it to life with quick drawings and fast prototypes.



China has the world’s most complete LCD display industry chain, has more than ten years of experience in the LCD industry, no matter what you are looking for display related products can contact us

Character LCD and Graphic LCD

Dot matrix LCD module is a simple monochrome display, usually the character screen is COB, the graphic picture is COG, the use of different colors of backlight can obtain the corresponding color of the display

segment LCD production

segment displayer

The segment lcd can only display the preset content. The display mode can be divided into TN, HTN, STN, and VA modes. Use different colors of backlight to get different colors of display

HDMI to mipi

HDMI to MIPI LVDS eDP boards

With our boards you can easily transfer MIPI, eDP, RGB and other interfaces to HDMI

touch panel production

Touch panel

Touch screen is an important accessory of liquid crystal display, not only needs to be sensitive to touch, but also has the role of protecting the display and providing accessories, such as anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, etc



AMOLED and PMOLED have the characteristics of thin and light and low power consumption, AMOLED represents the highest display technology today, and PMOLED is easy to drive widely used in various industries

Serial port Control LCD

With our boards you can easily transfer MIPI, eDP, RGB and other interfaces to HDMI

Custom TFT LCD Display Solutions

 customize the optical parameters, size, interface, etc. related to the display, and have successfully mass-produced TFT LCD, segment LCD, character LCD, serial control LCD, HDMI to mipi/RGB/LVDS circuits Board and other products

Numbers about us

LCD Industry Experience
LCD Module / year
Professional staff
Touch Panel / year

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in circular display and strip display. We can not only provide you with customized display services, but also provide interface conversion boards, so that you can use and test display products on your familiar platform.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the display industry and our engineers have worked for BOE, TM, CSOT, HSD, etc. Our rich experience ensures high quality design solutions.

Our professional team will solve your questions in a timely manner and provide you with professional technical support to ensure the smooth progress of the project

Perfect quality team has strict control from raw material, production process to shipment to ensure your products are stable

China has the world’s most complete supply chain for the display industry, and our suppliers have been working together for years, so whatever your needs are, you can achieve them.

Complete production facilities and perfect project management capabilities to ensure your samples are produced quickly.

Quality system of ISO9001 and strict quality control system ensure the stability of products from sample to mass production.

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You can choose the material for your display

Harmony Optoelectronics uses a wide selection of materials in the manufacturing of our displays. Among our materials, there are TN mode, STN mode, IPS mode, AMOLED mode, PMOLED mode, MVA mode, HTN mode, and many more. Each material is available in different resolutions and sizes. Rest assured that all materials used for your display are durable, tested, and high performance. If you want to use a special technology or achieve a special performance in your display manufacturing process, don’t hesitate to contact us

Por que a Harmony Optoelectronics tem a confiança de mais de 1.000 clientes?

Produção acessível e rápida

Podemos produzir rapidamente diferentes protótipos de chapa metálica e produtos finais. A KDM oferece produção rápida enquanto garante alta precisão. Nossa produção de alto volume também nos permite ter serviços de fabricação de chapas de baixo custo.

Solução de exibição ideal

Através da nossa vasta experiência, somos capazes de produzir displays com excelente desempenho. Garantimos toda a qualidade consistente e 100% totalmente testado.

Ampla gama de tipos de exibição e tecnologias usadas

Somos especialistas em diferentes tipos de tecnologias de fabricação de monitores e somos capazes de produzir monitores com recursos complexos adicionais, como alto brilho, operação em temperatura ultrabaixa, ultrafino, etc. Nossa ampla gama de monitores também pode suportar testes como testes eletrostáticos, operação em alta temperatura e alta umidade e quedas.


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