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The LCD industry originated in Korea and Japan. After 20 years of development, from the original TN LCD, segment LCD, character LCD, color TFT, to the present AMOLED and 4K split screen display technology, LCD products and the most common indicators that we come into contact with in our daily life, Smart hand table, smart hand chart, TV, computer indicator, laptop, etc.

Due to the development and maturity of LCD display technology, production efficiency of large-size display substrate is the main competitive tool, and higher efficiency is due to lower prices, so the higher-generation (larger size glass substrate) LCD production line is the core driving force of industry decline and development of new application markets. China will continue to build high-generation production lines. In 2022, there will be 11 high-generation LCD panel production lines in the world, of which China will account for about 6. By then, China’s high-generation line panel production capacity will account for half of the global high-generation line production capacity. Mainland Chinese companies have risen to the top of the industry.

Here is the latest list of the top 10 lcd panel manufacturers in China 2023:

1. Boe: The No.1 tft lcd manufacturer in China and the world, with the world’s most comprehensive display industry product line, is committed to being the world’s largest display solution provider. In 2022, the company acquired Panda Electronics and further improved its production capacity.

2. CSOT: the second largest LCD panel manufacturer in China, China Star Optronics is based in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Huizhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, India, with 9 panel production lines.

3. Tianma Microelectronics: the third LCD screen manufacturer in China, Tianma is an innovative technology enterprise that provides a full range of customized display solutions and fast service support worldwide.

4. Innolux Optronics: Innolux Optronics merged with Chimei Electronics and Tongbao Optronics in March 2010, becoming a leading enterprise in small and medium-sized LCD panels.

5. HKC: HKC Optronics expands LCD manufacturing by relying on its display manufacturing capacity and owns four LCD panel manufacturing plants.

6. AUO: Founded in 1996, AUO is an established LCD panel manufacturer.

7. IVO: Longteng Optronics is one of the first tft lcd manufacturers in China

8. HSD: Founded in 1998, HSD is one of the earliest LCD panel manufacturers using IPS technology

9. CTO: Founded in 2017, CTO has a fifth-generation LCD panel manufacturing plant

10.Spark display: With more than 10 years of experience in the LCD industry, Spark Display serves hundreds of customers around the world and provides customized services for LCD screens.

BOE, Tianma, CSOT, INOOLUX and AUO are first-class LCD manufacturers with complete product categories and sizes, but they also have disadvantages. The development cycle of the display screen is long, the quality production cycle is long, and the MOQ is very high, and the small-size LCD panel is 60K. Medium and large plate 30K elevation. The price is also high, about 30% higher than the average price.


Boe (BOE Technology Group Co., LTD.) was founded in April 1993, is the world’s largest LCD manufacturer, through the continuous development of the formation of TFT-LCD and OLED display, mini-LED and micro LED, sensor manufacturing, intelligent system innovation and other business groups. Boe’s acquisition of Panda Electronics will give it five display manufacturing plants with 8.5-generation lines, one with 8.6-generation lines and two with 10.5-generation lines, making it the world’s largest manufacturer in terms of total shipments.

In addition, BOE is constantly acquiring and completing the closed loop of the industrial chain. Invested in Honor mobile terminal, Huachen Optoelectronics Co., LTD., a leading manufacturer of mini-LED industry, invested in Jingdian Technology Co., LTD., a leading enterprise of vehicle solutions, and acquired SES to complement the industrial chain in e-paper. Boe’s goal to become the world’s largest display solutions provider is nearing completion.


TCL Huaxing Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD. (CSOT) was established in 2009. China Star Optoelectronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCL. TCL Star has two production lines of 8.5 generation TFT LCD, one production line of 6 generation LTPS, one production line of 6 generation AMOLED, and two production lines of 11 generation TFT LCD. Relying on the influence of TCL’s brand in the TV field, China Star Optoelectronics initially focused on large-sized TV panels, and later expanded its product lines into tablets and mobile phones. China Star Optoelectronics has actively laid out its mini-LED and OLED product lines, and its shipments of large-size TV panels ranked second in the world in 2022.

Taima Microelectronics:

Tianma is a leader in small – and medium-sized display technology in China, and shipments of display modules account for a high percentage of total shipments, which is rarely seen by other LCD panel manufacturers. Tianma has 1 production line for 2-generation LCD panel, 1 production line for 3-generation LCD panel, 3 production lines for 4.5-generation LCD panel, 1 production line for 5-generation LCD panel, 1 production line for 4.5-generation AMOLED display panel, 1 production line for 5.5-generation LTPS LCD panel, and 1 production line for 5.5-generation AMOLED display panel. 6 generation LTPS LCD panel production line 1, 6 generation AMOLED display production line 2.
Tianma has a large number of production lines, most of which are small generation production lines. The relatively flexible production capacity enables Tianma to have a wide range of development in the industrial control field, such as smart home, wearable devices, automotive instrumentation, instrumentation, medical equipment, Marine and avionics.


Founded in 2003, lNNOLUX has a 3.5-generation LCD production line, a fourth-generation LCD production line, a 4.5-generation LCD production line, a fifth-generation LCD production line, a sixth-generation LCD production line, and a 7.5-generation LCD production line. Production line 8.5-8.6 generation LCD screen production line, combined with 14 LCD screen manufacturers. There are 14 production lines from low generation to high generation, so INNOLUX is not limited to small sizes, and large sizes are also available.


Founded in 2001, the company has four 8.6-generation display production plants. Based on HKC brand, it has strong regional influence and continues to expand. The core indicator industry offers full-size displays for different applications, featuring ultra-high definition, ultra-thin, high color gamut and high innovation, and is a joint product with leading international brands. Since the special production line will be put into production in 2020, the current product status is uncertain, and the demand time is considered.


AUO is a world-class LCD panel manufacturer, a well-established market enterprise, AUO can provide a whole series of products, showing advanced technology in the application industry. At the same time, it is accepted that by 2050, all-use renewable energy production LCD display screens will be achieved, which is the goal of the LCD display industry.


IVO was established in 2005. It has a five-generation liquid crystal faceplate production line. Due to the fifth-generation liquid crystal faceplate production line suitable for small and medium-sized products, the products are mainly used in industrial control, mobile phones, car electronics, notebooks and other products. Compared to LongTen’s optical and electrical production line, it is an old, unlawful production volume PP and TDDI product


Founded in 1998, 5.3rd generation TFT-LCD factory invested in 2005 and invested in 2013. Similar to long-lived optical phones, because of the low-generation LCD faceplate manufacturing industry, it is only suitable for producing small size LCD screens, so the main product is a mobile phone and an industrial control product.


Founded in 2017, the fifth generation LCD display screen production line, main product size 0.96 ~ 24-inch LCD panel, main product application machine, industrial medical equipment, car electronic products, electronic paper, etc.

Harmony Optoelectronics

We are a display company based in China. As an ISO9001 certified company with more than 10 years of display experience, we have a good relationship with top TFT panel manufacturers such as BOE, China Star Optoelectronics, Innolux and AUO. Several top suppliers ensure the supply of display panels is stable and reliable.

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