How to increase the brightness of LCD Displayer?

 > How to increase the brightness of LCD Displayer?


Brightness is an important parameter of tft display, and there are many influences of brightness. Not only does it look a bit dark, a low-brightness display cannot be used in an outdoor environment, and a high-brightness sunlight readable display is required, and the brightness will change the color.

1.Increase led backlit brightness

2.Improve the aperture ratio of TFT pixels

3.Improve the aperture ratio of TFT pixels

Increase led backlit brightness

The reflective film is a component in the liquid crystal display, and its reflectivity will affect the brightness of the display. Some materials use some special technologies to make high-efficiency reflective films with a reflection efficiency of close to 100%. A special particle structure is required to match the printed dots of the light guide plate, which can not only reflect light, but also make the reflected light more uniform. Using these special reflective films, without changing the design and mold, the axis center brightness of the liquid crystal display can be increased by nearly 30%. 

Improve the aperture ratio of TFT pixels

One of the most important specifications of liquid crystal displays is brightness, and the most important factor in determining brightness is the aperture ratio. What is the aperture ratio? Simply put, it is the ratio of the effective area through which light can pass. When the light is emitted through the backlight panel At the time, not all light can pass through the panel, such as the signal traces for the LCD source driver chip and gate driver chip, as well as the TFT itself, as well as the storage capacitor for storing voltage, etc. These places are not completely In addition to light transmission, because the light passing through these places is not controlled by voltage, it needs to be shielded by black matrix, so as not to interfere with the correct brightness of other light transmission areas. Therefore, there is only one effective light transmission area left. The ratio of the effective light-transmitting area to the total area is called the aperture ratio.

Display Aperture Ratio

Improve the brightness of all materials

Anyone who has used laptops and LCD desktop monitors will find that the display has a certain viewing angle. Observing the computer from a direction perpendicular to the display plane, the brightness is high; but observing from a certain angle deviating from the normal, you will find that the brightness is not very high. This is also in line with the user’s use requirements, because notebook computers are usually used for personal use, which requires the originally scattered light to be concentrated to a certain angle of the center observation through some methods, so that the brightness in the center of the axis is greatly increased. The prism film plays such a role, which can polymerize the divergent light and emit it.
In addition, negative liquid crystal can also be used, which can increase the brightness by 30% under the condition that the design is unchanged and only the operating voltage of the liquid crystal is changed

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