Characteristics of OCA used in TFT LCD

 > Characteristics of OCA used in TFT LCD

OCA is an optical clear adhesive.

Product features:

  1. Excellent adhesion, suitable for sticking with glass, polycarbonate and other plastics and films.
  2. Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and freezing resistance (no bubbles, no delamination and peeling)
  3. Good durability and sealing performance, with high transmittance and low refractive index, good smoothness.
  4. It solves the residue caused by the stripping of the release film on the belt.
  5. Good peeling, peeling without residual glue. Good die-cutting performance, processing rate and yield increase
  1. Clean processing environment, precision coating, high cleanliness of products, can be directly with ITO and other metal watch.

Surface fitting to improve resistance rise caused by corrosion on metalworking surfaces.

The raw material of OCA is coil material.
After cutting the OCA material

The raw material of OCA is coil material, which needs to be cut according to the size of the display screen

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